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A Fun-filled Adventure in the Animal World: Chawla Charity Foundation and Children from Bandekbunthong Foundation on a Field Trip to Chiang Mai Zoo.

Providing Happiness and Valuable Experiences: Field Trips Promote Learning Potential, Memories, and Overall Development, Helping Children Grow Up Happily. Chawla Charity Foundation Taking Children from Bandekbunthong Foundation in Chiang Mai Province on an Adventure Outside the Classroom to “Experience the Wonders of the Animal World” at Chiang Mai Zoo. “On February 10th, 2567, Chawla Charity […]

Chawla Charity Foundation Empowers Children with Disabilities: Donates Educational Toys and Organizes Lunch at Northern Welfare Center, Chiang Mai

On the bright morning of January 27, 2023, the Chawla Charity Foundation, led by Dr. Niran Chawla, the president of the foundation, went to The Northern Welfare Center For The Mentally Retarded, 413 Moo 4, Nam Phung Village, Nong Phueng Subdistrict, Saraphi District, Chiang Mai Province, to organize a delicious lunch and snacks, and to […]

The Chawla Charity Foundation provides food and essential items to the WVS Thailand Foundation to ensure that stray dogs receive proper care and lead better lives.

On November 25, 2023, the Chawla Charity Foundation, along with its team, journeyed to visit the WVS Thailand Foundation located at 12 Moo.11 Wiang Dong, Tambon Nam Phrae, Amphoe Hang Dong, Chiang Mai Province. They donated various essential items, including canned food and dog food, cleaning products, 400 pieces of blankets, and 70 towels. This […]

Classroom of Happiness. The Chawla Charity Foundation, takes children from orphanages on an adventure to Chiang Mai Zoo

Learning is not confined solely to the classroom; experiencing new things is a valuable gift for children. Therefore, the Chawla Charity Foundation organized an educational excursion for 20 children from the Piyawat orphanage, along with caregivers. Together, they embarked on a journey to explore ‘Adventures in the World of Various Animals’ at Chiang Mai Zoo, […]

The Chawla Charity Foundation has been honored with a recognition award from the Foundation for the Mentally Retarded of Thailand

Niran Chawla, Ph.D., the Chairman of the Chawla Charity Foundation and the visionary Chief Executive Officer and President of GPCM Group Co., Ltd., was honored with a recognition award from the Foundation for the Mentally Retarded of Thailand. This took place during the ‘Certificate Presentation Ceremony’ on October 24, 2023, at the 7th floor of […]

Empowering Underprivileged Children through Education

In a world filled with adversities, where educational inequality persists, the Grace and Mercy Thailand Foundation (Beria House) stands as a sanctuary for underprivileged children, providing them with the love, warmth, and support they deserve. On July 15, 2023, the Chawla Charity Foundation extended its helping hand, offering 555,555 baht to aid these children in […]

A Day of Happiness and Adventure:An Impressive Field Trip with Chawla Charity Foundation and Nam porn Orphanage at Chiang Mai Zoo

In a world often clouded with challenges, there are moments that shine through, reminding us of the incredible power of compassion and love. On that enchanting Saturday, May 27, 2023, the Chawla Charity Foundation orchestrated an extraordinary field trip for 13 orphans and their caretakers from the Namporn Orphanage in Chiang Mai. The Chiang Mai […]

Chawla Charity Foundation Upper Secondary School Vocational Level

Chawla Charity Foundation scholarship program for students in upper secondary school (Grade 10 – 12) and vocational school is a special scholarship program to allow high school students who have proven themselves with good academic achievement from poor family backgrounds to have better educational opportunity. In the hope that the knowledge they learn in upper […]

Chawla Charity Foundation Lower Secondary Scholarship Program

Your giving means hope for the recipients Chawla Charity Foundation Lower Secondary Scholarship Program is to support students who have proven with good academic achievement from poor family backgrounds to provide them with better educational opportunity and who wish to study further to lower secondary school (Grade 7-9). Selection is based on poverty level and […]

Chawla Charity has Donated Necessary Items and Financial Support to Help Baan Pra Khun Matra Foundation for The Better Life of Children.

On Tuesday 3rd, February 2018, Chawla Charity Foundation together with B2Hotel Group volunteer teams visited Baan Pra Khun Matra Foundation in Vieng Papao District, Chiang Rai to provided financial support, stationary and toys, as well as more essential everyday items like milk, clothes, shoes and toothbrushes to support Baan Pra Khun Matra in taking care […]