Chawla Charity’sBetter Tomorrow Program

Over the past 9 years, Chawla Charity continues to function in order to achieve the ultimate goal of creating social justice and peace. We have been contributing food, clothing, and wellbeing of the children in many locations around the country.

However, In spite of being a good person with diligence, laboriousness and trustworthiness, yet there are plenty of people who are having so much difficulties living their daily lives. This is the reason why we created “BETTER TOMORROW” program to contribute an amount of money as a moral support for them to continue being a good person. We believe that everyone can have a better tomorrow through a kind support.

As people is the most important component of the society, to improve it, is to improve the quality of one’s life. In hopes of reaching the foundation’s resolution eventually.

Better Tomorrow Program Requirements:


We accept applications from anyone who is diligent, laborious and trustworthy person in difficulties, deserving a financial budget to support his/her daily life.


Applicants can submit personal information along with the provable evidence such as documents, photographs, references, and etc. to for the consideration.

The grant

One thousand Thai Baht (THB 1,000) grant will be transferred on monthly basis to a beneficiary’s bank account for 1 year duration. *Chawla Charity Foundation reserves the right to withdrawn the grant at any time if any form of deliberately false or misleading information has been provided to obtain the grant.

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