Chawla Charity has Donated Necessary Items to WVS Care for Dogs Foundation

On Saturday 18th, November 2017, Chawla Charity Foundation together with B2Hotel Group have visited WVS Care for Dogs Foundation in Hang Dong, Chiang Mai. Our volunteers have provided the Care for Dogs Foundation’s staff dog food, dog snack, shampoo, clean towels and other necessary items to support the staff in taking care of stray dogs.

There are 100 dogs at WVS Care for Dogs Foundation’s care, all of which were homeless and are now healthy and in good care. The foundation also helps other stray dogs around Chiang Mai and nearby provinces; sterilize stray dogs in temple areas, give medical care to sick or injured dogs and provide shelter to dogs that have no place to stay. The foundation is looking for volunteers from all walks of life to help us with the many tasks that help improve the dogs’ lives. Whether you are in Chiang Mai for a few days or weeks or you are a long term resident, you are invited to help make an important difference in the lives of street and temple dogs at our shelter.

Chawla Charity is happy to support this kind foundation in order to help these little creatures. If we can lessen the numbers of stray dogs as well as encourage people to love and be responsible for their pets, the stray dog problem will eventually be solved.

The dogs at Care for Dogs Foundation are open for adoption. So, if you are interested in adopting them, please go to contact them on 086-9138701


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