The Journey of the Stars: Chawla Charity Foundation Igniting the Dreams of Children at Ban Saeng Thai Darun at Sirindhorn Astronomical Park, Chiang Mai Province

On Saturday, June 24, 2023, the Chawla Charity Foundation organized a field trip for children at the Sang Thai Darun Foundation Orphanage. Twenty-nine individuals embarked on an unforgettable adventure at Sirindhorn Karasat Park, located in Chiang Mai Province. This excursion opened the door to the awe-inspiring world of astronomy, allowing these young minds to dabble in the realms of space and journey alongside constellations.

The purpose of taking these children on this field trip was to expand their scientific knowledge and inspire them to explore the world with curiosity. As soon as the children set foot in the Sirindhorn Astronomy Park, their excitement mirrored that of astronomers venturing into the universe. Fears were cast aside as they delved into the enchanting realm of the sky. The children eagerly toured the various science exhibitions, marveling at the state-of-the-art star projector and lying down to watch as dazzling stars illuminated the planetarium. They immersed themselves in star tales, discovering the legends behind each celestial body in the solar system. The smiles on their faces reflected a world of endless possibilities awakening within their minds. It was a moment when they began to believe that one day, in the future, they too could reach for the stars. At noon, a delicious bento lunch was prepared, consisting of karaage chicken rice, Chicken Tonkatsu with Rice, and Tonkatsu Pork Rice, accompanied by nutrient-rich side dishes from the five food groups, including salad, crab sticks, omelets, and fruit. The children enjoyed their meal with great enthusiasm, and their laughter resonated throughout the park. As members of the Chawla Charity Foundation, we felt a profound sense of fulfillment, grateful for the opportunity to provide this extraordinary experience to these children.

“In the embrace of a starlit sky, we have sown the seeds of hope that will grow into a forest of boundless opportunities for these children. Let us join forces and create invaluable experiences that can make a significant difference in the lives of these underprivileged orphans. Your support and donations will help foster hope and empower the marginalized youth of our society.”

Together, let us create a bright future where every child’s dreams can flourish, and no child is left behind. You can contribute by donating funds to support social assistance projects through the Chawla Charity Foundation. Here are the details:

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