Today, organizations and companies around the world are increasingly placing importance on being part of a socially responsible movement. Whether your organization is big or small, Chawla Charity Foundation welcomes your partnership and appreciates your support in advancing Chawla Charity Foundation development goals of upgrading quality of life, providing the fundamental right of quality education and eradicating poverty for children and communities. The key focus of each project that we implement is to provide opportunities for children, youth and individuals who may not have had educational opportunity to develop their full potential.

Why should your business support Chawla Charity Foundation?

Supporting the Chawla Charity Foundation as a business or corporation will inspire your employees by showing them your commitment to liberating people from injustice.
Additionally, a partnership with Chawla Charity Foundation can also help you effectively manage your relationship with employees, clients, and significantly raise your profile in term of corporate social responsibility.

How can your business support Chawla Charity Foundation?

We offer a number of options designed to enable your business to support Chawla Charity Foundation in an effective and sustainable way:
Corporate Volunteering
Provide your employees with time to volunteer and contribute to our work firsthand.

Support Chawla Charity Foundation programs by donating goods or services.

Shareholder/Customer giving
Shareholder and customers can donate to Chawla Charity Foundation through your business.

For more information about connecting your business with the vital work of Chawla Charity Foundation, contact us by 
calling +66 53 242 838 or write to and we will be happy to explore the possibility of a partnership.

Chawla Charity Foundation Corporate Partner