Read me a book : Acoustical Liberation of book

“Read Me A Book” project was initiated by Chawla Charity Foundation who is inquiring into how we can blend our passions to create a long-term project for improving everyone’s knowledge and cultivating their creativity. We believe that education is the key to improving the quality of people’s lives. We would like to make an impact with the youth, the blind or those who may not have had educational opportunity. This may be their only chance. Deep inside, they would like to imagine, be curious and want to express their ideas and their knowledge like anybody else.

We would like to give them an opportunity to gain more useful knowledge by listening to stories though our volunteer audio books. We believe this would multiply the benefit of the impact. Listening to stories from audio books would allow the audiences to endlessly create, analyze and learn. In the mean time, this will cultivate the love of learning and create enthusiastic readers for life.

Open the doors of opportunity to a brighter future…..

How can you participate in “Read Me A Book” project?

In you want to participate in the Read Me A Book project, you do not need any prior experience to volunteer for Chawla Charity Foundation, nor do you need to audition or send us sample. All you need is your own voice, some free software, your own computer, or any type of mobile phone or smartphone, which is able to record. Record your own volunteer audio book so that it can be shared with the blind or individuals who don’t know how to read. Listening to audio books can be of great assistance to them. By doing this you can help our society to be better and more fair.

Share a story from a delightful book, share your knowledge… Sacrifice your time for only few minutes a day to record your own voice and send a personalized read-along to Chawla Charity Foundation. Firstly, choose any type of delightful books that you are interested in (fiction, non-fiction, comic, any article from newspapers or magazines, classic, detective or philosophy, etc.) that you wish to share then read-out-loud and record those texts in your own voice. Before starting to record a story please introduce the book name, full book title and author’s (and translator’s) name or article’s name, chapter or title name and any other important intro information. For a long textbook we prefer that volunteers break the recording into chapters or sessions that should be no longer than 20 minutes for each audio book file. After you finish recording each chapter please say “Open the next file to continue this audio book” if you have reached the end of the book please read out loud “You have reached the end of this audio book”.

After you are finished reading either a whole book or a chapter and you are satisfied with the quality, please send us the audio book file to readme@chawlacharity.orgPlease provide us with your personal information (Full name, phone number and email address) so that we can make you one of Chawla Charity Foundation volunteers and to inform you about the foundation’s new activities and events.

So, apart from creating “Read Me A Book” project, we would also like to bring our earnestness back to the origins of our inspiration and pay it forward to everyone to have good educated as well. We aspire for our creation to inspire for a better and brighter society for the world we live in today. You can help the foundation even more by inviting your family or friends to be a part of this mission.