Child Scholarship Program

Child scholarship links us to a bond of care and concern. “You can’t change the world but you can give children an educational opportunity.”

In our society, there are still many poor and needy children waiting for ‘generous donors’ to share their kindness and the promise of hope for their future. Chawla Charity Foundation focuses on helping and improving the lives of poor children through education.

Education – to the poor, it is the way out of poverty. But how can a family that has barely enough to eat, send their children to school? Chawla Charity Foundation scholarships are intended to benefit the underprivileged children in both the short and long term. With the opportunity to study further so that “education” will not be seen as a burden for the living conditions and economy of families but more as a tool to help children escape from the economic and social problems and lead to a better life for them and their families.