Read me a book : Acoustical Liberation of book

"Read Me A Book" project was initiated by Chawla Charity Foundation who is inquiring into how we can blend our passions to create a long-term project for improving everyone's knowledge and cultivating their creativity. We believe that education is the key to improving the quality of people's lives. We would like to make an impact with the youth, the blind or those who may not have had educational opportunity. This may be their only chance. Deep inside, they would like to imagine, be curious and want to express their ideas and their knowledge like anybody else.

We would like to give them an opportunity to gain more useful knowledge by listening to stories though our volunteer audio books. We believe this would multiply the benefit of the impact. Listening to stories from audio books would allow the audiences to endlessly create, analyze and learn. In the mean time, this will cultivate the love of learning and create enthusiastic readers for life.

Open the doors of opportunity to a brighter future.....

How can you participate in "Read Me A Book" project?

In you want to participate in the Read Me A Book project, you do not need any prior experience to volunteer for Chawla Charity Foundation, nor do you need to audition or send us sample. All you need is your own voice, some free software, your own computer, or any type of mobile phone or smartphone, which is able to record. Record your own volunteer audio book so that it can be shared with the blind or individuals who don't know how to read. Listening to audio books can be of great assistance to them. By doing this you can help our society to be better and more fair.

Share a story from a delightful book, share your knowledge... Sacrifice your time for only few minutes a day to record your own voice and send a personalized read-along to Chawla Charity Foundation. Firstly, choose any type of delightful books that you are interested in (fiction, non-fiction, comic, any article from newspapers or magazines, classic, detective or philosophy, etc.) that you wish to share then read-out-loud and record those texts in your own voice. Before starting to record a story please introduce the book name, full book title and author's (and translator's) name or article's name, chapter or title name and any other important intro information. For a long textbook we prefer that volunteers break the recording into chapters or sessions that should be no longer than 20 minutes for each audio book file. After you finish recording each chapter please say "Open the next file to continue this audio book" if you have reached the end of the book please read out loud "You have reached the end of this audio book".

After you are finished reading either a whole book or a chapter and you are satisfied with the quality, please send us the audio book file to readme@chawlacharity.orgPlease provide us with your personal information (Full name, phone number and email address) so that we can make you one of Chawla Charity Foundation volunteers and to inform you about the foundation's new activities and events.

So, apart from creating "Read Me A Book" project, we would also like to bring our earnestness back to the origins of our inspiration and pay it forward to everyone to have good educated as well. We aspire for our creation to inspire for a better and brighter society for the world we live in today. You can help the foundation even more by inviting your family or friends to be a part of this mission.

Chawla Charity Foundation Upper Secondary School/Vocational Level

Upper Scholarships

Chawla Charity Foundation scholarship program for students in upper secondary school (Grade 10 - 12) and vocational school is a special scholarship program to allow high school students who have proven themselves with good academic achievement from poor family backgrounds to have better educational opportunity.

In the hope that the knowledge they learn in upper secondary or vocational level will be used to help themselves and their families by pursuing a better future career or even furthering their higher educational level. Mainly, the sponsorship is used for dormitory rent, traveling expenses to school, extra curriculum activities and other educational related expenses that the government does not cover.

Scholarship Student is selected from those that are graduating from Lower Secondary Year 3 (Grade 9) and wish to study in an upper secondary or vocational school but lack funds or parents are not able to support them.

Chawla Charity Foundation scholarship program for students in upper secondary school will support 1-year scholarship valued 5,000 bath/student/year


  • Who are currently graduating from Lower Secondary Year 3 (Grade 9) and would like to continue their education at upper secondary/vocational level and whose lower secondary GPA is no less than 2.75
  • Whose annual household income is less than 50,000 baht (US$ 1,500)
  • Whose parents are not government officials or employees of a public enterprise, or do not have permanent employment
  • Who have a strong sense of responsibility and display a high level of social awareness and good behavior.
  • Who are not being supported by any other upper secondary/vocational scholarship.


Chawla Charity Foundation Lower Secondary Scholarship Program

Your giving means hope for the recipients

Chawla Charity Foundation Lower Secondary Scholarship Program is to support students who have proven with good academic achievement from poor family backgrounds to provide them with better educational opportunity and who wish to study further to lower secondary school (Grade 7-9). Selection is based on poverty level and the willingness to learn. Their grades level will be considered in the scholarship eligibility process.

Sponsoring a student under Chawla Charity Foundation Scholarship Program is 1:1 basis, where the scholarship fund from each donor will be granted as a scholarship to the individual student directly. So, the children can spend on educational related purposed under the supervision of a teacher.

This Program is for students from impoverished backgrounds who are about to finish their primary education and wish to continue their education onto secondary level.

Chawla Charity Foundation Lower Secondary Scholarship Program will support 1-year scholarship valued 3,000 bath/student/year

Qualified student candidates are those:

  • Who are currently studying in primary year 6 (Grade 6) and would like to continue their education at lower secondary level (Grade 7-9) and whose lower secondary GPA is no less than 2.75
  • Whose annual household income is less than 50,000 baht (US$ 1,500)
  • Whose parents are not government officials or employees of a public enterprise, or do not have permanent employment
  • Who have a strong sense of responsibility and display a high level of social awareness and good behavior.
  • Who are not being supported by any other upper secondary/vocational scholarship.

Child Scholarship Program

Child scholarship links us to a bond of care and concern. "You can't change the world but you can give children an educational opportunity."

In our society, there are still many poor and needy children waiting for 'generous donors' to share their kindness and the promise of hope for their future. Chawla Charity Foundation focuses on helping and improving the lives of poor children through education.

Education – to the poor, it is the way out of poverty. But how can a family that has barely enough to eat, send their children to school? Chawla Charity Foundation scholarships are intended to benefit the underprivileged children in both the short and long term. With the opportunity to study further so that "education" will not be seen as a burden for the living conditions and economy of families but more as a tool to help children escape from the economic and social problems and lead to a better life for them and their families.

Chawla Charity has donated necessary items and financial support to help Baan Pra Khun Matra Foundation for the better life of Children.

On Tuesday 3rd, February 2018, Chawla Charity Foundation together with B2Hotel Group volunteer teams visited Baan Pra Khun Matra Foundation in Vieng Papao District, Chiang Rai to provided financial support, stationary and toys, as well as more essential everyday items like milk, clothes, shoes and toothbrushes to support Baan Pra Khun Matra in taking care of children. As Baan Pra Khun Matra is a foundation where provides foster homes for orphaned or unwanted children and provides them with a formal education, health care and good nutrition.

Niran Chawla Ph.,D. the president of Chawla Charity Foundation believes that supporting basic education and good health care are essentially need for the better quality of underprivileged Children’s life; in particular, encouraging them to receive at least either a bachelor's degree or diploma. With the benefit of even a basic education they will be able to apply their knowledge and enter the skilled labor market or advance to higher education. Both these options liberate them from poverty and help them prevent from being trapped in low-paying jobs, as well as improved prospects for a better quality of their life in the future.

Children are our future. But meanwhile, we’re responsible for their future. So we do our best to make sure they get to enjoy some basic rights like education, food and shelter. Thanks to Baan Pra Khun Matra; the notable foundation for your loves and cares for these children and thank you again for you all who support our foundation, we could not do what we do without donors such as you. We look forward to volunteer work with you in the future. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.

School Uniform Donated to 500 Learners from Nimit Asia Foundation.

On Saturday August the 19th 2017, the Chawla Charity Foundation recently donated school uniforms to 500 boys and girls of Nimit Asia Foundation, a nonprofit Christian development organization committed to rescuing children who have lost one or both parents or who have been abused or abandoned or stateless children in Northern Thailand. The vision of the foundation is not just about rescuing children, but importantly is also about providing a safe and loving home. Working through its offices in 3 main provinces which are Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Tak.

Our volunteer staff went to visit the children in Hod, one of their offices in Chiang Mai about 3 hours’ drive from Chiang Mai city. The purpose of the visit was to donate student uniforms and bring some food to the children of the school foundation, so a donation of this kind means a lot to them.

The principal was grateful and expressed her gratitude for how the school was honored. “What the foundation have done will be memorable forever for the school and the parents of the school, a difference has been made and has also brought smiles to the little angels.”

The donations are part of Chawla Charity Foundation to reach out to the community. The foundation chairperson Mr. Niran Chawla said: “Previously outreaches were focusing on giving nutrition to children living with disability and assisting senior citizens. This donation, we decided to come to the learners, give them school uniforms and give them the words of encouragement to study hard, to make up their minds about the future they want and become responsible citizen to society.”

We distribute charitable donations throughout Northern Thailand. We welcome aid from any individual, organization or company from abroad or in Thailand. Every small bit helps, even if it is one pair of socks, one pen, or a sleeping bag or a financial contribution of B10 the equivalent of US$0.35.

Your support to our organization is greatly appreciated. You are welcome to be an integral part of our organization by contributing either your personal time or by giving us monetary support. We would love for our well-wishers and like-minded individuals to visit our organization and observe the work we do. We always like to hear your feedback, suggestions etc. We thank you. If you have any questions, you can always reach us at


A Field Trip to Sirindhorn Observatory.

On 11th December 2015, Chawla Charity Foundation and volunteers took children from Vienping Children’s Home, an orphanage in Mae Rim, Chiang Mai, to a field trip at an astronomy observatory named Sirindhorn Observatory which is managed by Chiang Mai University.

Once the children arrived at the observatory, they were so excited to be able to observe stars closer than ever. At the beginning of the trip, the instructor from Chiang Mai University kindly introduced astronomy to the children. The little star watchers have learned basic knowledge of astronomy and techniques necessary for sky watching. They also got to know constellations like Pleiades, Andromeda and Perseus as well as tales about each constellation. After listening to the introduction, the children had a chance to watch stars through many types of telescopes including a large reflector telescope with a size of 20 inches, which was once the largest telescope in Thailand. Later that day, we took lots of photos together before Chawla Charity offered the children some snack. Then, the children said goodbye to us and went back home with a smile on each little face.

We hope that this activity will encourage the children to love science along with gaining their general knowledge of the world. It might open their doors to a new route of their life in the future.

Chawla Charity Foundation appreciates every support towards an instructor from Chiang Mai University, staff at the Sirindhorn Observatory and Vienping Children’s Home for making this activity happened.

We are looking forward to the next fun and educational activity for the children like this once again soon.



On Saturday, March 28th, Chawla Charity foundation and its volunteer team took children at Viengping Orphanage to a half day field trip at the Chiang Mai Zoo and Aquarium to observe the external characteristics of animals.

At the day of visiting Chiang Mai zoo, the weather was just perfect – no rain, and not too hot. We were lucky that Chiang Mai Zoo had organized a private tour guide for us. He took us to see difference animals such as lions, tigers, hippos, elephants, flamingos, giraffes, zebras, and many animals and he also provided some knowledge of each animal to the children. On the field trip, we were taking sigh-seeing trip on an open bus to see the animals all around the zoo with explanation provided by a driver. On the way the driver stopped the bus next to some hungry elephants. We bought them some food, and had our pictures taken with them. We saw so many different species of animals, some native to Thailand, and some not.

After that, we visited the Aquarium – an exciting part of the field trip for children. The highlight was walking along the glass clear SeaTube tunnels that place the observer directly in the center of enormous 360-degree aquatic habitats fresh and sea water species plus a few very pretty sea fans followed by a triggerfish, some live coral, toad, reptiles and snakes.

The last stop of the field trip at the zoo was the main show (birds and seals show), we saw the fantastic parrots show but not seal show!... We even managed to take a photo with them when the show finished. After the show we had a short lunch break at the zoo. Unfortunately, by this time, it was already 12:30 pm, It’s time for kids to go back to Viengping Orphanage.

We all had such a great time on this field trip and really learnt about their life while we were having fun at the same time despite in a very short period of time. Overall, it was an amazing experience and we are sure we would definitely go and visit them at Viengping Orphanage’s home again.

Thank you again for all you do for our organization, we could not do what we do without donors such as you. We look forward to volunteer work with you in the future. We, and those we serve, deeply appreciate your generosity.

Little by little you can make a difference!

Note: To get to Viengping Orphanage take the Chiang Mai – Mae Rim north until you see a sign Huai Tung Tao Lake and the Viengping Orphanage sign. Turn left and go about 100 meters and it will be on your left. To visit children, visitors should notify them in advance.